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Adam Smith


Address: Level 2, 152-160 Hunter Street, Newcastle NSW 2300
Hours: By appointment
Property Donor: GPT/UrbanGrowth NSW
Launched: 29 July 2015
Closed: 30 March 2016

Adam Smith
m: 0458 477 975
e: [email protected]

Who are you?
Adam Smith.  I am a musician and visual artist.

What do you do?
I take landscape, portrait and street photography with 35mm film cameras; paint and draw using traditional techniques and materials; record music for films;  combining guitars, drum loops, samples and found sounds and I also busk using a resonator slide guitar.

What are you doing in your space?
Early days … brainstorming new project ideas.
Setting up and moving in. Deciding what goes where.
Taking photos, experimenting with the natural light in the room.
Playing guitars. Testing out the acoustics.
Getting used to the street noise and learning where to get a good coffee fix.
Designing a single website that houses all my different projects in one place.

What inspired you to get involved in Renew Newcastle?
The opportunity to have my own studio space and a chance to  network and collaborate with other creative people is also very inspiring.  I would also like to contribute to the culture and be a part of the positive transformation that is happening here, it’s very exciting

Tell us about the space – what was its previous use? Anything unique about it? Your response to the space?
It’s a heritage listed three storey building with an vintage elevator.   I can imagine a million different things happened here in years past.  Renew described the area my studio is located in as a writers hub, but I feel it is evolving into something else.  My room looks out over the footbridge that links Queens Wharf to Hunter Street Mall.