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Platform4 at Newcastle Station

2 February 2018 | Posted in: News

Written by: Rayannon Innes | Photography: Edwina Richards and Landcom

Late last month, the team at Renew Newcastle were privileged to receive notice of being awarded the short-term activation lease of the Newcastle Station. With commencement of the temporary activation intended in June, Renew’s program entitled ‘Platform4’ aims to build a successful destination through facilitating the local community’s pool of creative and culturally rich talent.

This concept, with reference to the site’s unique location, was borne out of the proposed ideas of the local community for what public uses the station could and should engage in. From the substantial amount of unique ideas offered through the Revitalising Newcastle Ideas Festival, distinct themes emerged that would inform four key pillars of the Platform4 program.

Although still in the planning stages of development, these four pillars or ‘platforms’ will comprise of the following:

Hospitality Platform: This will be in direct response to the significant request from the community for café, bar, and eateries to be offered within the station. We intend to source and support local business and suppliers in this endeavour to make their mark in the revitalised station destination. In addition to this, we foresee pop-up food events taking place to showcase a diverse range of local enterprises that will make visiting the station a unique, social occasion.

Event Platform: In response to the community’s desire for more inner-city activity and appeal, a rotating weekly, monthly, and seasonal calendar of events will take centre stage inside the station. These events, led by creative practitioners, local event coordinators, arts and cultural bodies will be attractive to tourists and locals. Inclusive and engaging in nature, these major events are intended to be free and open to all members of the public.

Innovation and Education platform: A key objective of the activation outlined by Revitalising Newcastle was the opportunity to create more education pathways and employment opportunities within the Newcastle CBD. A collaborative and centralised space for visitors to work, learn, and play will be established. We aim to partner with academic institutions such as the University of Newcastle, Hunter TAFE and other educational initiatives to facilitate sector-specific skill building for all ages. Industry leaders and those within the local and wider business community will engage in this educational accelerator platform to galvanise Newcastle’s emerging entrepreneurial workforce.

People’s Platform: We see the station as a place operating for the community, by the community. The legacy of Renew Newcastle has and continues to be a product of the people. We live in a city full of people who have great ideas; we want to see how we can facilitate those ideas and enable them to evolve within the tangible public spaces of the Newcastle station.