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Designers on the move

30 November 2011 | Posted in: News

Congratulations to Tim Neve and Tanya Fogarty, two Renew Newcastle participants who are graduating from their borrowed space and relocating to a shared office and showroom under their own lease, in The Junction.

Tanya Fogarty Designs provides interior design solutions, and Tim Neve is a stylist and editor for national style magazines.

The pair met in 2009 while co-locating in The Clinic – an opthamologists surgery turned shared ReNew office space at 66 King St which houses a range of creative professionals like graphic designers Neon Zoo and photographers Frost&Roxburgh.

Tim and Tanya’s complementary skillsets found them partnering to achieve client briefs, and their affinity based on good design and perfectionist styling has led to the growth of both enterprises.

Tanya reflects on her time in the Renew Newcastle initiative:

“The last 2 years, since being in my space in The Clinic, has seen my business change face and expand into some very interesting avenues. Having a space away from home has increased my productivity, given exposure and added to a professional image. My intention was to use a Renew space to test the waters before embarking upon my own lease and this goal was achieved 100%. It has expanded my professional network and also introduced me to some life long friends.”

For Tim, the Renew Newcastle opportunity has taken his career national:

“What has been most beneficial to me is that by being a part of Renew took a huge amount of pressure off my business, letting me take the time to explore what creative work I truly wanted to do, rather than just doing the work I usually had to do to make ends-meet. It paid off – by having this freedom to push new areas of my work in three years of being part of Renew I have gone from self-publishing a few small-scale, local publications to being contracted as Editor of two national magazine titles! This wouldn’t have happened if I had been stuck in the daily grind to meet the overheads of a full commercial lease.”

The new showroom will allow them to spread their wings even further. Keep your eyes peeled for their changing window displays at 140 Glebe Rd, The Junction