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Creativity prevails

1 May 2018 | Posted in: News

Written by: Rayannon Innes | Photography: First National Real Estate

Where one new creative space emerges, the story of a string of previous arts incubator spaces comes before it. Long-time collaborators and current managers of Studio One Maryville, Marigold Pazar and Zackari Watt are working to provide a space where collaborative creativity can flourish as it once did in their previous projects.

With both Marigold and Zack sharing a passion for the performing arts amongst a multitude of other creative pursuits, the two met on the eve of the former arts hub of Morrow Park. Before the building tragically burned down in 2013, the Wickham Bowling Club turned alternative arts mecca, prospered for eight years during which time Zack sites “easily over 500 projects” took place in the space.

Although the fire completely demolished the property as well as thousands of dollars’ worth of instruments, recording gear, and costuming, Newcastle’s creative community survived to pick up the pieces. This is where Marigold, Zack, and fellow Renew graduate Zana Kobayashi would band together to create The Follower Studios as Renew tenants the following year. Alongside developing independent publication The Follower, the first floor of the Wolfe Street Studios property worked in filling the creative gap left after the loss of Morrow Park.

For over three years, The Follower Studios combined music and video production, photography, publishing, performance rehearsal, event management, and anything else the creative community had a will to produce. After being given the agreed thirty-day notice to vacate the property late last year, the pair’s swift pursuit of their current co-managed space came naturally through the creative connections they’ve made throughout their journey.

With a love of theatre and the performing arts himself, the owner of the Maryville warehouse property was excited by what the creative duo were proposing for the space; “He really wants it to be successful” recalls Zack. With an open courtyard under construction, eight creative tenants already occupying the studio and an exhibition planned for the front workshop space, the official launch event on the 12th of May is set to be one not to miss.