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27 November 2017 | Posted in: News

Written by: Rayannon Innes | Photography: Edwina Richards

Quietly tucked atop the Hunter Street mall, one-man creative agency Brandon McIntosh busily works with a philosophy that embraces integrated brand identities that stand out for more than just a good logo. Brandon’s cheeky, minimalist designs reimagine the simple business card as a work of representational art.

“I always think of the start-up entrepreneur who’s put all those hours and work into the business” Brandon recalled,

“I feel their brand design is a visual representation of all that enthusiasm and passion…

… I think that’s a tangible thing; your design needs to respect all of that.”

Being an entrepreneur himself, Brandon is well-acquainted with the daunting task self-promotion can be for one within a creative field. From natural illustrators to museum cabinet designers, Brandon works to form a branded image that does stylistic justice to Newcastle’s creative business community.

Even through the odd family visit to his hometown in New Zealand, small, creative business inspire his designs. Cups, chip bags, aprons and loyalty cards comprise of the TDK peepshow winner ‘Fush & Chups’ project that proves even the humblest business can occupy a unique, eye-catching identity. Most recently, his unique designs for Instandbul tourism, the Bondi Bite Food and Wine Festival and designer garden centre Urban Exotic received significant recognition, earning him three prestigious AGDA (Australian Graphic Design Association) finalist awards nominations.

Regardless of having only recently completed his studies in business management, advertising and graphic design, Brandon’s unique aesthetic and meaningful approach to brand identity is increasingly getting him noticed. As he continues to grow his own individual brand identity, Brandon embraces the connections he  makes working for Newcastle’s expanding community of business owners. Despite calling New Zealand home and owing Sydney his business and design education, Brandon strongly believes it is this creative community that keeps him and others like him coming back.

“I think Newcastle is a creative city,

It has an artist’s identity.”

If you’re interested in developing a contemporary brand identity that represents you and your business in an effective and genuine light, you can get in contact with Brandon McIntosh over the phone or via email.