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The Roost Creative

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Property Donor: The GPT Group & UrbanGrowth NSW

Level 1, 152-160 Hunter St (enter from Market St), Newcastle, Australia

The Roost is a platform for creative people who want to share space, ideas and equipment. We offer a ‘clean space’ for members: an open studio suitable for graphic designers, illustrators, photographers and others working in digital media to use as a base for developing new work, collaborating with others, or meeting with clients.

We work in collaboration (not competition) and are committed to supporting the energy and inspiration of local creatives so that we can all give wings to our work.

Creatives are invited to sign up as a member to use the space on a temporary ($40/month) or more permanent basis ($60/month)

Who are we?

The Roosters who manage and co-ordinate the space are:

Luke Oliver, Director

Keo Match, Manager

With support from web designer Shannon Hurry and developer Jacob Dorman.

Along with this core team are the many visual and digital artists of Newcastle – photographers, graphic artists, illustrators, web developers, web designers and animators.

Many of us have part-time jobs and projects on the go, yet still we yearn for a creative space to explore our independent work.

Mostly – we’re ready to play, work and collaborate together, exploring innovative digital and visual communication, to extend our practice and support Newcastle’s design community, in an independent space.

What do we do?

We invite community and commercial interests to come check out who’s around doing interesting things, to talk and work with us.

In terms of production, we’re best at unique print runs, exhibition works, portfolio making and presentation, prototypes, and connecting visual art and design across a multitude of mediums.

If you have a project that requires creative input, talk to us. We can refer you to someone with talent.

The Roost also plays host to demonstrations and workshops. We share techniques, promote innovation, explore ideas, and experiment with new ways.

We bring together upcoming designers and established industry mentors and expand opportunities for creative and professional development in Newcastle.

Feel free to come and say hello, explore the space, and check out the programs and facilities we have on offer.

What inspired us to get involved in Renew Newcastle?

We want Newcastle to be recognised as a place where innovative design is nurtured and local talent is retained. Renew offers an opportunity to make this happen.

Tell us about the space …

The Roost is currently housed in an air-conditioned, well presented space with lots of natural light. We have a number of workstations that artists can use on a regular basis, for a small weekly fee. We also host meeting spaces, equipment, lighting, a design library, a chill-out area, play space and more.

Members can access the resources they need to build their creative practice. We have wireless broadband and large format printers, layout spaces and all sorts of handy tools and software to share. Currently, we’ve partnered with Anitech and Canon to host a state of the art large format printer.

We’re always on the scout for quality equipment, and we’re happy to run product launches and workshops for suppliers.


Opening hours 10am – 4pm Monday to Friday. Other times by arrangement.



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