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Mad Hatter Millinery

Property Donor: The GPT Group

Shop 18/19 Market Square Terrace Level, 119 Hunter St Newcastle NSW 2300 (opposite Rivers)

Update 29 July 2011: Mad Hatter Millinery is now closed, with makers moving back to their home studios. Beautiful hats are still available through direct contact with the makers. See the website or Contact Jennifer 0434 372 041 with enquiries. Thank you for your support of Mad Hatter Millinery.

Mad Hatter Millinery is a beautiful shop, selling handcrafted hats and accessories – with something to suit all tastes.

Who are you? We at Mad Hatter Millinery are: Maxine Nieuwenhuizen, Susan Mattey, Jennifer O’Brien and Madeleine Sobb. We met at TAFE when we enrolled in the Millinery Certificate II course in 2008.

What do you do? We are milliners making hats of all kinds, catering to all tastes, as well as millinery and fashion accessories. We will also display artworks by local artists – including some of our own art. We have many strings to our bow!

The work that is not ours will be displayed and sold on a commission basis.

What inspired you to get involved in Renew Newcastle? We enjoyed sharing our experience at TAFE learning our millinery craft and wanted to continue sharing our skills making hats together after our course finished. We considered meeting at someone’s home but no one had the space, so we then considered hiring a community hall. Before we could explore that option, we saw an article in the local paper about the Renew Newcastle initiative. We developed a proposal, submitted it and were accepted.

We then viewed the available “spaces” taking into consideration our criteria and found a great space that suited most of our needs. It seemed to be saying “I want to be a hat shop”. We have progressed from an idea of gathering at someone’s home making hats, to being hat shop proprietors and it has been somewhat overwhelming at times!

Our whole project has come together on a wing and a prayer but we have had wonderful help from enthusiastic family, friends and very unlikely sources. We want to thank everyone who has helped create our shop, no matter how small the offer. It is very much appreciated and helped us pull this project together and encouraged us along the way .The wonderful thing about the Renew Newcastle initiative is that many of the spaces are filled with local, handmade products, the type of thing you find at markets. However, the beauty of this is that they are available during normal retail hours and you don’t have to keep track of which Saturday or Sunday in the month it is. It is also not weather dependent, as most markets are. With so much mass production these days it is great to see these spaces being occupied by artisans crafting handmade products which are unique. How can you loose??? It’s just the best concept and we are thrilled to be part of it. When we set out on this journey we had no idea how exciting it would be to be part of the Renew Newcastle initiative. The enthusiasm among the participants is positively palpable and we would like to thank Renew Newcastle for giving us this fantastic opportunity.

What are you doing in your space? Our hat shop will be on one side of our space and on the other our work shop. Customers, visitors and passers by will be able to see us working at our craft. We will be making and selling hats and other millinery items of all types from the glamorous to the funky and everything in between, hoping to cater to all tastes. In the future we would like to establish workshop classes to teach those in the community millinery skills.

About our space. Our space is blessed with wonderful natural light being under the atrium in Market Square, which is particularly important to us creative beings. The shop has two sections and this lent itself to the dividing of retail space and workshop area. We also have wrap-around windows which are ideal for our work stations. Passers by can stop and watch us at our craft if they so choose. “Hat shop in the round” so to speak.We are lucky to be close to the rear lane of the Square, so arrival and departure is very easy for us when unloading items for the shop and it again provides more light in the shop.

So…………….Come in, say hello, try on a hat and watch us at our craft. We would just love to share our passion for hats with you.

Shop Hours:

Sunday – Closed

Monday – Closed

Tuesday – Friday – 10am – 4pm

Saturday – 11am – 2pm

Phone: 0439 549 563

Email: [email protected]