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Jzhonnie Bechet

Eco art and fashion designs by Jzhonnie Bechet

Property Donor: The GPT Group & UrbanGrowth NSW

Launched: 9 November 2012

Closed: 7 March 2013

about Jzhonnie Bechet

Jzhonnie Bechet boutique has closed but runway designs are still being created. Keep in touch via the online channels.

Jzhonnie Bechet offers eco-art-fashion and accessories made with recycled fabrics and reclaimed materials, showcasing Jzhonnie Holloway’s signature denim creations, which this season incorporate traditional south-east Asian textiles. With an emphasis on sustainability, the store design will include vertical garden made from recycled materials including old skateboards, bottles & packing crates, as well as re-upholstered found furniture.

Jzhonnie Holloway was one half of ex-Renewers Before It Began.


My name is Jzhonnie Bechet Holloway. I am 24 years old. I have lived in Newcastle for around 6 years now but originally I come from Forster. I make clothing from recycled materials, mainly denim, mixed with traditional fabrics containing handicraft from around the world and other found textiles. I also dabble heavily in collage and jewellery.

I use recycled materials for all my work, often even my thread is recycled and then i mix this with different handicraft items. Denim, Velvet, Leather, Embroidery, Tapestry, Tassels, Crochet, Silk, Old Tee-shirts, Beads, Shells, Crystals, Clay, Bronze, Magazines and Newspaper to name a few materials.

A main inspiration is the images and traditions of beauty from other cultures around the world. I draw heavily in a lot of my collections on the craftsmanship, fabrics and style of other countries and races.

Then again theres collections like my Tee collection – a collection made entirely from recycled tee-shirts – that is based purely on fun alone.

My space includes vertical gardens and pots made from recycled timbers and materials. These wonderful creations as well as skateboards made from recycled timber are by Jasper Tipping of Sustainable Surrounds. The furniture is by Julie Holloway of J&J Designs which is made using recycled materials giving a new life with funky and often quite wild reupholstering.

What inspired you to get involved in Renew Newcastle?

I have been involved with Renew Newcastle in the past and it was an incredible opportunity and experience. When I saw the opportunity arise again I jumped at it.

Do you have any memories of the old DJs building you can share, and history with the space?

I remember David Jones when it was open, I went there to fulfil my fine china addiction and buy hosiery.

Any comments about the particular space you have, why you like it?

I absolutely love the space I’m in and I can’t imagine being in any other. It’s perfect. The big open windows onto the street exposing me to the constant ebb and flow of Perkins street’s Cafe BarZingAhhhh, the workers at Theatre Lane and all the people moving to and from the Mall. The amazing Zig Zag wall of racks. Beautiful mirror pillars. What more can I say, I’m smitten.