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Jodie Dixon Architect

Architectural Practice

Property Donor: Ms Jane Chidgey

Launched: 20 Apr 2012

Closed: 29 Nov 2013

about Jodie Dixon Architect

Jodie is a sole practitioner with more than 17 years professional experience and a Masters Research Degree in low energy building design. She has worked in small and large scale practice including time in Facilities Management with the University of Newcastle, also tutoring design there for many years. She has a healthy obsession for good design and uses knowledge on best practise low energy building alternatives in every project.

She endeavours to find innovative housing solutions for clients within a range of budgets, design responses are guided by each client. Much time is spent understanding their needs and looking for opportunities to use recycled materials in each building project. Jodie is always focused upon ideal passive design outcomes to produce low energy but high comfort results.

She is presently working on all scales of residential work, and small scale commercial, single and multi-dwelling opportunities. She designs to future proof through adaptive reuse, enjoying the scale and ethos of renovation work and the challenges of every new site. Each project is an opportunity to make great places and embrace mixed building types.

Jodie believes architects have a significant role to play in finding better ways to live in our cities. The profession must play its role in demonstrating a valuable mix and scale of well designed single & multi dwelling housing choices.

On being involved with Renew Newcastle Jody says, “I want to be a part of the re-birthing of Newcastle’s CBD by exploring the new and exciting opportunities that open up and allow residents to work and inhabit our CBD”.

Jodie’s office space on Watt St is part of a cluster of Renew Newcastle creative enterprises co-located on the one floor, with shared facilities such as reception, storage, toilets, and kitchen. Jodie says, “The office space looks out over the surrounding rooftops and allows you to stretch your eyes. The splayed glazed wall places our office space out into the street scape. Our windows open and we can see what goes on below us while we work. We feel part of the city. The space is generous and offers us front of house and back of house spaces.”