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Cashmere & Silk

Fine lingerie & sleepwear

Property Donor: The GPT Group & UrbanGrowth NSW

Launched: 9 Nov 2012

Closed: 3 Jun 2013

about Cashmere & Silk

UPDATE JUNE 2013: Cashmere *& Silk has closed. We look forward to seeing more of Janet Steele’s creation online soon.

Cashmere & Silk offers fine quality lingerie and sleepwear for men and women – kimono style silk pyjamas, kimono style cashmere dressing gowns, silk camisoles & knickers. Designed and hand crafted in Newcastle by Janet Steele, using premium quality imported silk and cashmere, pieces are available ready made and custom orders are also on offer.


My name is Janet Steele. I was originally trained as a teacher of Textiles and Art. After running a family business I completed a Masters of Business Administration and then planned my perfect life – to be touching pure silk and soft, fine, light, warm cashmere was part of that plan. I travelled through China, Japan and Nepal to source the best of these fabrics.

My first thought of starting a business using the best of fabrics to make women’s lingerie and sleepwear came while I was teaching business skills to the students of Fashion at the Hunter Institute of TAFE. Twenty-three years later the circumstances in my life made it possible to make this dream come true.

If you had a hundred women all saying they are a size 10, 12, whatever; you would really only find a handful who are truly a perfect fit for the standard size. Every body is different. What I can do for all women is make silk lingerie which is the perfect cup size for them. It is just as simple as selecting a style, choosing a colour and providing your size, which can be measured in privacy in the store.

The range of goods offered at Cashmere & Silk extend to cashmere accessories, silk robes for men, and a collection of young children’s clothing and toys.