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Carlin McLellan


Address: Suite 3, 111 Hunter St, Newcastle
Hours:  by appointment
Property Donor:  Iris Capital
Launched: 25 August 2017

Carlin McLellan
e: [email protected]

Who are you?
Carlin McLellan, a composer, poet and Masters of Music Therapy student.  According to Jim Carrey “I do not exist.”

What do you do?
I work with sound and words to create space for quietude. My practice is based on collaboration, field recordings, aleatoric music, and documenting ephemeral states. I am interested in connecting people through collaborative music, poetry, and sharing skills. I support diverse groups of people to develop creative autonomy through the co-creation of music and art. I am currently completing a Master of Music Therapy at Western Sydney University in Australia.

What inspired you to get involved with Renew Newcastle?
Renew is an incredible opportunity for me to develop my creative practice, collaborate with other artists and share my passion for creative inclusion with others.

What are you doing in your new space?

  • Finishing my band Moonsign’s third full length album HOME SICK
  • Planning for starting my business Play Anything Music Therapy.
  • Drinking tea.
  • Composing ambient music.
  • Facilitating electronic music workshops / skillshare events
  • Drinking more tea.

Tell us about the space – what was its previous use? Anything unique about it? Your response to the space?
This space used to be a beauty salon, so there is a superabundance of sinks! If you require a sink in your life, I’m your guy.   This studio is the perfect space for me to work on my various projects and collaborations. I need more plants though. I’m willing to trade sinks for plants.