The Emporium


Renew Newcastle has turned the ground floor of the former David Jones building - the city's most iconic retail location - into a fine arcade of boutiques and galleries filled with Newcastle creative talent, just waiting to be explored.

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Creative Talks


Renew Newcastle presents Creative Talks at The Lock-Up, a series of monthly breakfast lectures presented by people who are making a living from their creativity.

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Curious Practice


Creating unique and sustainable modes of architecture that suite our contemporary condition.

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Pigtails & Pirates


Who are you?
I am the owner of a Newcastle based fashion label called Pigtails & Pirates

What do you do?
I design and make ladies 1950’s inspired clothing. I love clothing of that era with its feminine silhouettes – but also because clothing was well made and valued...

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Bippy Jean


I make men's shirts. I search and buy only good quality, natural and ethical materials such as linen or organic cotton and then I turn them into a unique and funky style shirts!

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We are place makers, our creative drive stems from a passion for technology and the functioning of complex systems within the arts and society.

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Fancy That


We are a collective of local artist and crafters making and selling our wonderful creations at our store in The Emporium.

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Disruptive Drawings


Disruptive Drawings is concerned with the use of drawing as a means of visual communication, problem solving, visualisation and as a way of thinking about, and experiencing the world.

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Laura Jackel


I love to write about life in general and the common things that bind us as humans such as, parenting, marriage, love and health.

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A natural history illustrator and designer using observation equipment like microscopes and video and teaching specialised drawing techniques

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Lisa Who Studios


Curve GALLERY has supported over 50 artists since opening in Newcastle and is a cultural contact zone that includes a commercial gallery, retail shop and venue space for artists and audience.

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A jewellery studio comprising one award winning art jeweller and one keen student of the metalworking arts.

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Naomi Wild Studio


I make works that explore archetypes, symbology and existential meaning in various mediums. At this time I am exploring hand ground ochres, eco dyes and fibre art.

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Dale Collier


I work with an embracing approach towards new media, live art, and community-cultural development in an attempt to activate spaces for social change. My work draws inspiration from the collective experiences buried deep within the sprawl of regional, rural & remote communities located within Australia.

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EarthlyInk will predominately be utilised to develop my own arts practice and concepts with outcomes including public presentations, the delivery of a monthly open studio (meet the artist) and working towards national art projects, commissions and residencies.

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33 Degrees South Soap Factory


We are Juanita and Carl. Former school teacher and youth worker who are now very content to be suddings Newcastle with our lovingly hand crafted natural cold processed soap.

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Lachlan Conn


Who are you?
My name is Lachlan Conn. I grew up in Geelong and before moving up here I lived in Hobart and Melbourne. I’ve worked as a web and print designer in the past and run a couple of art spaces and played in bands but right now I’m usually drawing pictures.


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Tiny Boat Productions


A collaboration exploring the intersection of theatre, art as animation, soundscapes and storytelling to create lo-fi animations that will be performed, exhibited and viewed online.

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DIY Media


DIY Media focuses on enabling individuals, micro and small business to become smart at communicating across a wide variety of channels and media and to do so in a manageable amount of time per day. We believe you should make the media work for you not the other way round!

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The space will be used as our art studio, where we will also hold art exhibitions, creative workshops and a mini shop selling all our handmade goodies.

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We are architects who have a strong emphasis on responding to ‘people’ and ‘place’. Our aim with each project is to create spaces that focus on the human experience and interactions, through response to the conditions of the site.

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Drift Bikes Media


Marketing studio for Newcastle bike-shop, Drift Bikes. Incorporating digital and social media, promotions, video and community events to develop biking community engagement.

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Jodie Louise Millinery


Observe the process of making a wearable piece of art as milliner Jodie Thompson creates bespoke headpieces for all occasions.

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Bencke Laukku


Gillian Bencke and Alicia Kropkowski are two artists and designers working in a shared space to produce their own ranges of textiles and accessories.

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CCY Studio


CCY Studio is the name of Chia-Chi Yu's creative leather works/design studio that offers a unique range of hand crafted leather products.

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Who are you?
I am Alison Sobel-Read, a ceramicist, a handbuilder, and work with clay slabs. My husband recently accepted a position teaching Law at the University of Newcastle and so less than three months ago, my family and I permanently relocated here from North...

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Liz Anelli Illustration


Liz Anelli is a British illustrator whose work is commissioned for books, website & CD covers. She moved to Newcastle in 2011 and is currently working on a project illustrating the Port of Newcastle.

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Paper Kitschen


Under the name Paper Kitschen, Sarah Louisa Dunn creates paper-cut illustrations, collage, paper sculpture, larger scale installations, and the occasional fashion accessory or jewellery piece from all sorts of found objects.

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VOUS is a modern womenswear boutique by Renee Verdon.

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Dylan Smyth


Dylan Smyth is a photographer and illustrator with a history and strong interest in both arts and design/architecture.

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Newcastle Youth Orchestra


January 2015: Listen to NYO talk about their experience as a Renew Newcastle project with Nick Gerber from 1233 ABC Newcastle

Newcastle Youth Orchestra is an exciting ensemble of young, local musicians, committed to quality orchestral training and concerts. The...

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VFA Studios


Who are you?
Vontaine Australia is a Boutique Video, Film and Photography company based in Newcastle, NSW. Formerly Trema Entertainment Australia, the company after 15 years have been rebranded Vontaine Australia to make it easier to narrow the brand awareness.

Most c...

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Sophia Flegg


I am a visual artist working with larger scale paintings, using vivid colour and emotionally charged subject matter.

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Write for Impact


Write For Impact is an online, step-by-step learning program you work through at your own pace. Greg and Lyndall Crowther acts as mentors to encourage their clients to gain essential knowledge of business writing and grammar.

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Meg Dunn


Meg Dunn is a poet and artist who has been working professionally since 1982 both in theatre and as a spoken word performer.

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ToeJam Games Studio


An avid computer gamer designing and developing computer games.

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The Workroom


Affordable art objects and rotating exhibitions curated by maggie Hensel-Brown & Nicola Hensel.

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The Follower Studios


A new HQ for the former Morrow Park Arts Hub team offering a multi-arts resource for a large, evolving, local, project-driven arts collective.

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The House of Evelyn


Fashion graduate from the Hunter School of Fashion and Textile Design. I am a designer, patternmaker, textile designer, seamstress/tailor and some days just plain exhausted! Currently working on her 'The House of Evelyn' label.

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NANA is a contemporary art space in Newcastle operated by artists for artists. It aims to promote the practices of local artists and facilitate creative exchange across Australia.

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Blackfish Graphic Design


Blackfish is a design focussed studio providing a full range of design and branding services, with particular interest working collaboratively with local businesses.

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Specially Trained Monkeys


Jane Shadbolt is an animator, filmmaker and designer. She makes stopmotion puppet animations and is currently in post-production for the 9 minute epic The Cartographer — a stopmotion and digital short about a sailor adrift in a lost world. She’s also gearing up for ...

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Newcastle Productions


The illustrations by Trevor Dickinson of landmarks and urban landscapes have stolen all of our hearts since he started drawing Newcastle four years ago.

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The Carved Greenman


The Carved Green Man is a working studio and gallery for artist Graham Wilson. The gallery shop will sell a mix of items: zines, prints, t-shirts, postcards, hand-carved sculpture, posters, paintings and woodblocks. Through the windows people will also be able to watch the artist at work handcarving - beautiful ancient craft.

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One Man's Trash


One Man's Trash is handcrafted upcycled vintage industrial style furniture with a true design aesthetic. Lloyd Kellett is a gyprocker and bricklayer by trade, but makes and sells industrial style furniture, lighting and homewares out of otherwise discarded materials - scrap metal, timber, car parts, other furniture.

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The Roost Creative


The Roost is a platform for creative people who want to share space, ideas and equipment. We offer a ‘clean space’ for members: an open studio suitable for graphic designers, illustrators, photographers and others working in digital media to use as a base for...

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Four Point Gallery


A contemporary fine art gallery with an edge, exhibiting the work of local emerging visual artists.

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Renew Newcastle HQ (Municipal Building)


Renew Newcastle operates out of a light and airy, red-carpeted office space overlooking the Hunter St Mall. ReNew HQ, as it is known, has desk space for our staff and volunteers; storage for the collection of tools, cleaning gear, hardware and array of "useful things" to help us get in and out of properties; as well as a small meeting space. The office also displays General Manager Marni Jackson's colourful collection of tapestries and 70's landscape prints.

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Will Did


Stu McDonald and Blair Howard are graphic designers and illustrators primarily, with a portfolio that includes branding, event invitations, posters and other print-based mediums.

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Zookraft are image-makers and creative collaborators. Never ones to shy away from an artistic endeavour, ZK are guilty of designing everything from posters and t-shirt graphics through to wall art and layout design with a whole lot of illustration in between.


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Sarah Mould


Sarah Mould is an artist and uses her space as a studio for drawing and painting.

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Sam Hughes


Sam Hughes a prolific painter and illustrator studying Fine Arts at TAFE. With a focus on utility areas of streetscapes such as alleyways, car parks, loading docks and back of shop storage areas, Sam is developing a practice of using waste materials from the sign...

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