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The Station: arriving somewhere new

22 March 2018 | Posted in: News

Written by: Rayannon Innes | Logo design: Brandon McIntosh

What’s in a name? Quite a lot, if you ask marketing strategist and creative consultant Bec Dujin.

With her team at Talk To Bec having just launched the rebranding of the Newcastle Station as simply ‘The Station’, the site, although still under construction, is coming one step closer to opening its doors to the public.

In conjunction with Revitalising Newcastle, the creative teams’ new vision for the site is encapsulated through the branding’s tagline: ‘departure of the old, arrival of the new’. Informed by both Renew Newcastle’s intentions for the temporary activation of the space and through The Station’s possible use far into future, the premise invites new ideas and experimentation for the Newcastle station.

In-line with Renew’s Platform4 concept bringing hospitality, events, education, and people together through the temporary station activation, Bec and her team want the brand to reflect and encourage Newcastle’s ownership of The Station.

“We’re creating something that belongs to the city, as opposed to something that’s just attached to it” Bec said.

“It’s something that I hope everyone can be proud of – and a part of”

This sense of ownership has been further reflected in Bec’s deliberate recruitment of local talent into The Station branding campaign. One of her key team members is graphic designer and current Renew participant Brandon McIntosh. With a keen eye for the site’s iconic architectural features, Brandon’s logo concept is a sophisticated depiction of the heritage façade to the new main entry point intended for The Station. With the purpose of highlighting the destination aspect of The Station, the design is truly an invitation to welcome people back into the station when it reopens later this year.