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The Art of Name-dropping

18 May 2017 | Posted in: News

Ryan performing in church 2

Richilieu? Shimauma? After over two decades of writing, acting, composing, and photography, Ryan Burrett is making a name for himself; in much simpler terms.

“I’ve always kind of had creative aliases… I just think it’s time for me to rely on my name”.

Ryan is the eighth Renew participant to join the league of creatives working within Hamilton’s Clock Tower Studios space. Although the majority of particiapants’ work in Clock Tower Studios centre around professional photography and photo-media, Ryan – in addition to his own photography – will be using his space to compose and record audio and visual material for a number of projects he’s currently involved in. These projects will span from co-producing a series of studio albums to developing a sound bank for commercial audio uses including advertising jingles.

Having spent most of his life living both in Melbourne and overseas writing and performing for theatre, Ryan is thrilled to be back in the little coastal town he remembers from his early youth; “It’s easy to forget just how derelict the mall was and to see how far it’s come”. Ryan is especially looking forward to being in a collaborative working space with other artists and small business owners local to Newcastle;

“It’s at that perfect time where there is a lot of people here doing creative things…

It’s a well-kept secret”.

The Clocktower Studios in Hamilton will be holding an open studio night on the 2nd of June. Exclusive film and photography screenings courtesy of the resident artists will be projected out on the Clocktower courtyard for the public to view.