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Surplus or opportunity?

21 December 2016 | Posted in: News


A surplus room doesn’t have to be a waste of space. In late 2012, Rachel King and Jamie Oorschot were given the opportunity to take up a shop space in The Emporium called The Business Who’s Who of Australia. They have now given someone else the same opportunity offering Renew a surplus room in their own commercial space.

Jamie and Rachel are developing their premises, Softys on Maitland Road in Islington, into a cafe/micro brewery/artspace and have a space left over for a Renew project to call home. Lu Quade has taken the space and is working with a group to set up a zine lab and library called Tiny Boat @ Softys.
Tiny Boat will be officially opening in Feb of next year, stocking work from local creatives in the form of zines, VHS-zines, illustrations PLUS an artist workspace for zine makers and DIY publications into Softys.

Rachel recalls meeting Lu at their Renew space in The Emporium and now, four years later, he will be moving his Renew space into their building!