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Storyboarding a city

5 April 2018 | Posted in: News

Written by: Rayannon Innes | Photography: Paul Dear

The story of how graphic artist and academic Ben Mitchell became appointed onto Renew Newcastle’s board of directors reads quite like one of his comic book narratives. With less murder-mystery but equally compelling as his popular Storm Clouds series, Ben’s career has seen him navigate and illustrate Newcastle’s unique subcultural landscape.

Local coffee houses, weekly music events, and university celebrations are just some of the subjects Ben has treated through his distinct comic-style aesthetic. It’s through the connections he’s made not only as a local artist but as someone passionate about what’s happening and who’s making it happen in Newcastle that fuels what he does so well.

That’s not to say that Ben isn’t one of these very leaders in the community himself, having been heavily involved in the production of creative co-working space The Roost in its beginnings as a Renew project in 2010. Following that time, Ben would manage his own Risograph printing studio, serve on The Roost board as president for a number of years and acquire his current role as a course co-ordinator at the University of Newcastle in Visual Communication and Design.

Today, as Ben continues his work in both illustrating and educating the city he lives in, he is excited by what he can bring to the Renew board in 2018. Having always been deeply connected to Renew, whether it be through his history as a participant or for his love of seeing things happen in Newcastle, Ben still has a gripping story to tell.