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Pedal Power

23 February 2017 | Posted in: News


Kerry Staite is a crazy inventor, with a do whatever it takes attitude, to get the job done. To fully let loose on his imagination, he’s started his own company to produce the cool things he invents.  His brand new company ‘Ktronik’ has taken up residency as a Renew project in  Clock Tower Studios in Hamilton.

Kerry explains he “was just a bike mechanic who wanted to change the world!’”

Ten years ago he discovered how to maximise the output of the modern dynamo system.  In simpler terms, a bike light that operated using pedal power, based on the old tyre friction generators of the 60 & 70s.

Kerry originally made each light by hand, and requests for them started to come from Australia and around the world.  He wasn’t able to keep up with the orders and began looking for a partnership. After appearing on Shark Tank two years ago, a Newcastle based engineering company, Prichard Electronics, in New Lambton, recognized the ingenuity of the idea and a partnership was born. They have since been working on an improved design of the light that Kerry says will be the  “brightest dynamo powered light in the world”.

Kerry’s space in the Clock Tower has enabled him to move product development out of the bedroom and the home environment. His ability to focus in the studio has seen the development process leap ahead to a stage where with the support of the Prichard Electronics factory the new light is almost ready to launch and ship around the world.

He’s discovered that to make money out of an invention you have to do more than just invent it! As well as the electronic engineering required for Kerry to see an idea come to life, he needed a space for product development, marketing, web design and photography. This is where his Renew studio is most useful.