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New space and new designs

1 July 2016 | Posted in: News

Hannah Louise


Hannah Louise is reopening in the Perkins Street corner of The Emporium this month with her exotic, bohemian inspired garments. Every piece is made using richly ornate fabrics and embellishments sourced from abroad. Hannah will launch the new designs of the winter collection featuring an eclectic collection of heavier fabrics with rich textures sourced from around the world. The new larger store will enable her to continue to stock the Turkish kimonos and gypsy skirts created using 100% Indian cotton, sari fabric. Hannah believes fashion should enhance the beauty of every wearer and enrich one’s life experience. Hannah has just returned from three weeks in America following up some exciting business opportunities, as well as planning for a U.S. based show and forming new connections for her sewing project in India. We look forward to hearing more from Hannah over the coming months.

Taking The Stage in July

1 July 2016 | Posted in: News

Sam hughes


Sam Hughes just can’t seem to keep far from his paint palette. A prolific painter and illustrator with a focus on utility areas of streetscapes such as alleyways, car parks, loading docks and back of shop storage areas. A range of his work, some which have not ventured from his studio before, are on The Stage in the Emporium. Open from Wed to Sat every week.

Stand up for the arts on the National Day of Action – June 17

16 June 2016 | Posted in: News

Artistic culture is being recognised by government as a leading player in the revitalisation of Newcastle’s city centre. Government funding is vital to our continued activity in Newcastle and the involvement of the arts in our communities.

We have seen art change lives among our Renew participants and in the people they work with. We  encourage you to support continued funding for culture and the arts.

Here’s how you can support the arts on the National Day of Action on June 17, 2016.

What’s on the horizon for Renew?

2 June 2016 | Posted in: News

Open sign

In the first half of 2016 we have been focusing some strategic thinking around what’s next for Renew. With over 90% of shopfronts in the mall now commercially leased we are keen to continue to activate under-utilised property further down Hunter Street and in the West End. As new A-grade office space is being built and leased, B-grade office space is becoming vacant. Activating these lesser grade spaces is what we are good at and we are looking forward to playing an important role in this as well as working with property owners to attract commercial tenants to new retail spaces being built.

We have ideas for activity in the new rail crossings and have discussed interactive public art installations and one off events with our funding partners and Transport NSW for these areas. Transport NSW has also asked us to consider ways of lessening the impact of light rail construction for local businesses.

We are excited that our work is being recognised by government as adding value to the city and that artistic culture is acknowledged as a leading player in the city’s rejuvenation to a point where we are being sought out for solutions.

Exciting times are ahead of us.

The Emporium continues to evolve

2 June 2016 | Posted in: News

emporium group

It’s always exciting to see our projects progress into taking commercial leases or embarking on new journeys. 33 Degrees South Soap Factory has recently left their space in the Emporium to concentrate on making soap to fill increased orders. They are now manufacturing in a space in Carrington. Maggie Hensell-Brown from The Workroom has travelled to Europe to study traditional lacemaking and further develop this interest. We’re so proud that Juanita and Maggie took their first steps with Renew.

We have three new businesses moving into The Emporium. With Love Bree-Lacey, Frontier Scout and Red Block have all opened for trade bringing exciting new products to The Emporium range. We have also opened a multipurpose gallery space called The Stage in the heart of The Emporium available for short-run creative projects. The next exhibition is by design students from the University of Newcastle.