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A new horizon

15 September 2016 | Posted in: News


Our foray into new suburbs has brought us a space in Beaumont Street, Hamilton known now as Clocktower Studios. We are excited that the property owners, our funding partners Newcastle City Council, have approached us to temporarily fill the first floor of this building while their longer term plans for the space become reality.

The Clocktower Studios now houses a group of photographers and videographers and includes a studio space, a post production room, and a darkroom for five new Renewers; Edwina Richards, Kylie Foley, Nat Testorelli, Simone Darcy and Kerry Staite.

The length of our stay in the Clocktower building is unknown, but as with all of our spaces is only temporary, sometimes as small as 30 days. As we’ve seen in the mall, the presence of activity in empty spaces adds to the process of change in our neighbourhoods and brings social and economic value to the community. We would love to spread these benefits into new communities around Newcastle.

Why maps?

15 September 2016 | Posted in: News


What’s the story behind The Map Lady? Liz Anelli talks about her inspiration for map drawing and we follow the process of taking a map from her drawing board to a 10m x 2m scale for a private commission. Captured as a mini-doc by Moz Waters in time lapse.

Eye for the ordinary

15 September 2016 | Posted in: News


It’s a classic Newcastle scene and winner of the photo media section of the Newcastle Emerging Art prize at Newcastle Art Space. Congratulations to Renewer Dylan Smyth whose eye for the ordinary is brilliant. He captures a version of Newcastle that makes you smile when you realize you see it every day, but you didn’t see it how Dylan sees it. You can buy this print, his suburb books and other work at his new online store.

Paris calling

15 September 2016 | Posted in: News


According to Paula Birch from Strip of a Lifetime, it was a result of her time as a Renewer that provided the exposure she needed to have her works picked up by a Paris hotel. A company that sources original photographic art work in Paris contacted her to use three vintage photobooth artworks for a photography themed hotel called Hotel Declic. The works were used for life size wallpaper prints and a bed spread for a ‘Cabine Photo’ Suite dedicated to the vintage Photobooth.

New York residency

15 September 2016 | Posted in: News


Dale Collier immersed himself in a self-directed residency in Brooklyn during August. For a month he called The Theories Mansion home. Known for housing a bunch of artists, skateboarders and performers who are involved in the cultural shift out of Manhattan and into Brooklyn.

He delved into researching socially engaging practice and to gain a broader understanding of Australian contemporary art from an international perspective. With questions around how we compare, and how different the issues we face at home really are, or aren’t, he was captivated by the similarities surrounding gentrification and the transitory nature of creative communities.