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Onwards for Islington

5 April 2018 | Posted in: News

Written by: Rayannon Innes | Photography: Onwards resident Studio Photographer Zoë Lonergan

Give a man a brush, a computer, and a space to create, and some seriously exciting things are bound to happen. With a need to upsize from his former commercial space in Newcastle’s west end, Renew graduate Brett Piva of creative design studio Pocket Design recently found his new creative home in the heart of Islington.

The aptly named Onwards Studio is a step forward for Brett, in which the new space that is equal parts industrial, equal parts airy, serves as the ideal co-creator space. Housing six other creatives ranging from photographers and graphic designers to painters and textile artists, Brett is optimistic about the new studio space.

Onwards Studio marks another welcome addition to the league of creative collaborator spaces being established throughout Newcastle’s city suburbs. With the recent establishment of creative workshop space Hudson St Hum – of which Brett painted the external mural – only a short walk away in Hamilton, and Renew’s very own Clocktower Studios further down in the centre of Beaumont Street, Onwards can be seen to signify the increasing prominence creative local talent is making in Newcastle.

What’s most exciting about the growth in these co-creator spaces is the diversity in what each space offers. Brett was conscious of this when building the space and prides Onwards on its facilitation of both creative digital and “mess-making” work. While Brett leads weekly Pocket Design lettering and sign-painting workshops in one corner, he’s developing designer brand identities for local projects in another. If that’s not enough for one day, Brett is currently putting together the final touches to this year’s upcoming Make It Made It Conference which will take place on the 21st of July.

You can catch up with Brett and the rest of the local creatives occupying Onwards next Friday the 13th. Walk in through their driveway to be welcomed by the creative team and a lovingly made lunch, then kick back into the evening for a few drinks and good conversation.