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Leading by example

1 May 2018 | Posted in: News

Written by: Rayannon Innes | Photo: Hanna Barry

Anyone that believes the dated clichés about accountants being boring number-crunchers needs to meet Hanna Barry. Hanna oozes passion for what she does and it’s infectious. It’s what’s made having Hanna as Board Treasurer for the last 18-months so greatly rewarding and will be something to fondly look back upon following her upcoming departure.

With eleven years as a chartered accountant and four years on the board of the Hunter Young Professionals, the self-proclaimed over-committer married sharp expertise with empathy in her role. Although she jokes about standing in as the ‘fun police’ on the Board, Hanna yearned to understand and contribute towards an organisation outside of the corporate environment.

She particularly loved how the contribution of her skills worked in fostering Newcastle’s local artists to create “a sense of community and place which is something that people are really proud of”. It is for this reason that Hanna eagerly awaits observing how Renew and the community collaborate in making The Station a destination that reflects this local pride and ownership. Hanna will greatly miss the people she worked alongside on the Board. Describing the Board as “both incredibly resourceful and purposeful in what they do”, Hanna will miss the generosity and friendship she found through her role. We at Renew will also miss Hanna but are excited to see the great things she will continue to achieve going forward with her career.