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Influence by design

1 April 2017 | Posted in: News

The Stage - Architecture show - Emporium - Edwina Richards Photography

Many of our participants are playing a part in growing young minds and collaborating to strengthen the creative community.  Ensuring the arts continue to be part of our society by passing on their knowledge is a regular part of their working week.

Carl Morgan from Zookraft and Ben Mitchell from Benny Rizzo have been long standing participants with Renew and teach in the Faculty of Education and Arts. Carl also recognizes the need to expose local designers to the changing front of current practice by bringing national and international experts to speak at a local annual festival called Look Hear.

Professor Mario Minichiello is Head of the discipline of Design at the University of Newcastle, but has also, until very recently, held a Renew space as a designer and artist. Mario is interested in being a part of the continuous building and refining of the creative Industries in Newcastle. His involvement with Renew and his academic role are avenues for him to share his passion.

Links with the School of Architecture go both ways. Mark Spence’s business, Anthrosite, was a long term Renew project that moved to a commercial lease last year. Mark has been teaching 4th and 5th year Architecture students for six years and influenced many promising graduates to begin their own business in Newcastle rather than seek opportunities in the capital cities. Working in parallel with Anthrosite, Mark can offer them a co-working space, mentoring and tap them into local networks. Many of these graduates now also teach into the Architecture program.

Our gallery space in The Emporium hosts an annual exhibition of design projects (posters, models, digital projections) produced by first year architecture students enrolled in the Master of Architecture at the University of Newcastle. The space becomes a stage for live critics and assessments of the assignment work.

The Renew HQ team took on Rayannon Innes for an intern placement as part of her Communications degree. Rayannon continued in a volunteer capacity and has showed such talent, professionalism and enthusiasm for the Renew cause that we have officially welcomed her to the team with a paid contract to do small projects.

A pioneering spirit and vision for growing the broader community are values Renew seeks in a participant. Linking with university activity enriches the realm of possibilities of the creative network and inspires young minds to see the arts as a viable possibility for their future.