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Hotbed of creativity sees cool results

1 April 2017 | Posted in: News

This is Australia’s coolest coastal town

Australian tourism recently named Newcastle as Australia’s coolest coastal town and says Renew is “giving the city an air of purpose and promise and rebooting the local economy”.

Renew has enabled 250 creative projects in last eight years. Of these, 35 have taken on commercial leases and we are pleased to see their success. Others have experimented with an idea, taken a risk, grown from it and moved on to other things. We also see this as success. Offering an avenue for creative industries to surface has brought soul, diversity and entrepreneurship to Newcastle.

The benefits are also financial. The evidence of the economic contribution to society is obvious in our recent figures showing the combined creative businesses that make up Renew Newcastle give back over $3M in value to the community each year. Creativity in entrepreneurial hands is business.

It’s exciting to see this activity mirrored in the thinking of the University with the introduction of the Bachelor of Creative Industries recognising the need for a more entrepreneurial approach to the arts for students.

In line with this new focus of the Creative Industry degree, Renew Newcastle took its place at the recent careers expo at the University. Sitting shyly between the likes of Transport NSW and Rio Tinto it was an opportunity to bring the possibilities of a creative career to the minds of students deciding which direction their degrees will lead them and planting a seed that creativity can be art, but it can also be a successful business.

Creativity is becoming increasingly recognised as an activity that is more than a pastime. Its impact in Newcastle is more than visual appeal for the CBD; it’s a leading player in the rejuvenation of the city and is standing strong in its contribution to the economy.