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Honest eye for beauty

1 May 2018 | Posted in: News

Written by: Rayannon Innes | Photography: Edwina Richards | Styling: Julie Grant |Wardrobe: Ali Sobel-Read (Pottery Ali), High Tea at Mrs Woo | Model: Charlotte Mullan 

For photographer Edwina Richards, it’s Lynch over likes.

While so many of us spend time considering what next to include in our digital Instagram galleries, Edwina is considering her shots, right down to the tiniest shadow. It’s this unmatched eye for photographic detail that Edwina has developed over the 18-month period she’s occupied the Clocktower Studios;

“If I spent that amount of time on social media, I don’t think I’d see any results” Edwina says through laughter,

“I’d much rather be making work than saying I’m making work”

With a background in darkroom film processing, Edwina knows that when it comes to photographic beauty, slow and steady wins the race. It’s this mindful approach to visual arrangement that made Edwina build an affinity with local creative stylist Julie Grant.

With a shared creative direction and a love for all things local, Edwina and Julie have spent the past few years arranging beautiful fashion campaigns together. From seasonal shoots with Emporium retailers to their recent editorial that assembled a league of local labels’ garments – including the ceramic earrings of fellow Clocktower artist Ali Sobel-Read – Edwina and Julie are championing the hand-made and local through their stunning visual productions.

Through these projects, Edwina foresees gallery exhibitions and perhaps even a photo book in the pipeline. Until then, Edwina continues to channel her array of skills working for local and national clients such as Jetstar Magazine and the University of Newcastle.

Outside of her clients and creative collaborators, Edwina also leads exciting darkroom tutorials, the next of which will be kid-friendly and free at Gosford Regional Gallery.