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Healing harmonies

7 March 2018 | Posted in: News

Written by: Rayannon Innes|Photography: Neroli Foster

Where words might fail us, the language of music is universal. It engages on an emotional level, enabling honest and non-preferential human connection.

“It’s about co-music making; facilitating music with anyone, of any ability from any background” says music therapist Carlin McLellan.

With a love for working with people and a passion for almost anything that can strike a tune, Carlin’s newly launched business Play Anything embraces everything that music therapy strives to facilitate. From aiding children with speech impediments to improving memory and thought processing in those suffering dementia, Carlin’s work enables creativity in anyone through musical engagement.

Where Play Anything might differ to other music therapy services is through Carlin’s uniquely inventive approach to experimental sound interactions. Through his keen interest in electronic music, Carlin has modified instruments that work to produce new and engaging experiences for the participants. This includes the incorporation of visual technology where the use of musically-triggered video projections creates a new level of sensory interaction.

A preview of this musical experimentation was observed at the Play Anything launch last week as part of the Sanitarium Open Studio Night. Around a table of weird and wonderful instruments – one of which included a banana wired to work like a keyboard – everyone involved, young and old and of many differing backgrounds, played together in experimental harmony.

If you wish to book a session with Carlin or learn more about Play Anything, you can visit the website or contact Carlin directly by phone or email.