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Haven for Progress

23 February 2017 | Posted in: News

snake nation

In 2008, when Marcus Westbury first presented the Renew concept to a gathering in the Lock Up, David Sleet from the GPT group was at that meeting and was inspired by how the vision could work. Since then GPT have made 45 leasable properties available that have housed 70 Renew projects over the last 8 years. Its been a partnership that has created change in the city and given many local creative businesses a chance at success.

We are looking now to more change with the sale of the mall to Iris Capital and anticipate our ability to also fill their temporary needs for these empty spaces.

For the past three years, we have been activating the property at 451 Hunter Street. Seven Renew projects have filled four different spaces in the arcade that has housed Hamburger Haven for so long.

The property’s owner David Pidcock says making the property available for Renew projects was a positive experience. “Renew tenants made the building look alive and utilized and each new tenant made their space slightly better than when they arrived”.

David will be embarking on the opportunities the new university campus will offer properties in the area but has been pleased to see the temporary activation of his building allow seven businesses to grow in an otherwise empty space.

The seven businesses we have had in this building are:
Steel City Collective
Snake Nation
The Endz
Ann Snell – Wakarla Studios & Gallery
Benny Rizzo
Lachlan Conn
Octopus Ink