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Gift locally, grow globally

11 December 2017 | Posted in: News

Written by: Rayannon Innes | Photography: Edwina Richards

This year, tick off your Christmas shopping list with beautifully bespoke gifts produced here in Newcastle. Stunning photographic prints, fun and detailed cartography, cheeky illustrated mugs and postcards, and a plethora of other unique wares are available in store, at markets and online for you to purchase over the December silly season.

Silly may perhaps be an understatement for the often-last-minute dash one takes to a congested Westfield shopping centre. By doing your Christmas shopping at market stalls or local small business, you’re not only avoiding the heaving Christmas crowds but simultaneously supporting your local economy. The graphic artists, stone masons, florists, painters, and jewellery makers that invest in the local community through their small businesses are enabling employment and revenue to be established here rather than elsewhere.

Increasingly, over the past decade, these creative small businesses – in the form of both brick-and-mortar and online trade –  have breathed life into the city. This creative economy, defined by entrepreneurial makers, continues to grow the city’s global identity as a uniquely diverse and vibrant location, unlike anywhere else.

Although The Emporium closed its doors earlier this year, beautiful, hand-crafted products continue to be produced – you just need to know where to look for them. Locally produced pieces from illustration to sustainable fashion can be found among Renew participants and  outside the mainstream shopping centres. For gifts that are unique, handmade and often distinctly Newcastle, browse our newsletter and purchase online or in store.

Make a weekend date at the Olive Tree or Hunt & Gather markets, a trip to either the gorgeous contemporary jewellery store Studio Melt, or the new Newcastle Shop located within the Museum to satisfy your local gift-shopping needs. Or, if you find yourself too short on time, many of Newcastle’s bespoke makers sell, package, and deliver their wares independently online.