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Getting under the skin of beauty and science

22 May 2017 | Posted in: News

Savant Apothecary - The Emporium-1430By Rayanon Innes

Kylie Myatt takes the term ‘skin smart’ to alluring new heights. With five years of biochemistry studies and almost her whole working life within the beauty industry, Kylie truly embodies her new skincare business Savant Apothecary in every sense of the name.

With appropriate reference to the 14th century definition of a person skilled in the preparing and dispersing of medicines, Kylie’s abundant knowledge within bio-science married with years of experience running her own beauty therapy spa in Western Australia qualifies her as a true modern-day apothercarist. The ‘savant’ aspect shows in the dedication to running her business despite her lack of free time and space as a mother.

“As it’s growing and getting busier, I really need that separate making space. Where at home, I’m sterilising the kitchen table and the cupboards in between school hours”.

Although it will now only be until 17 June, Kylie’s new shopfront in The Emporium will enable her to produce custom-made organic skincare products on-site and to the individual requirements of her customers. Apothecary Savant differentiates themselves from other skincare brands by understanding the science of skin and offering creams, oils, serums, soaks, and scrubs that haven’t had any shortcuts in their creation.

“You turn a box around and read the ingredients and see there’s forty or fifty ingredients in there but really there’s only four or five that really matter…

…I keep looking for those ingredients and try to find out what is working in skincare and why”.

Get in quick to meet Kylie the apothecarist, view and try her skincare products in now pop-up retail space in The Emporium until 17 June.