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Fostering a city’s renewal

28 September 2017 | Posted in: News

Ty Brennock joined our board in August 2015. His professional background is in human resources and marketing and has a very healthy network in the Newcastle and Hunter business community.

Ty sees that Renew was the catalyst for Newcastle to turn a corner, and since then, it has raced ahead (like a V8 Supercar).

“Newcastle is on the map, internationally, for many a reason and example. So much cool stuff going on from a creative perspective. And Renew really played a huge part in setting that in motion. So, any opportunity to become involved, I am proud to be a part of,” he said.

“Assisting with the creative space utilisation that benefits the city and its community both commercially and creatively has been very personally rewarding”.

“Having seen the success and joy of Renew members and their businesses and creations is always really awesome to see.  I’ll never get sick of seeing that!”

Ty would like to see Newcastle continue to embrace new and wild ideas.

“Newcastle is starting to take chances, and it’s cool. Pushing architecture boundaries, to incorporate crazy purple buildings alongside beautiful heritage buildings. Retain the old. Allow the new. It give the place character other leading creative global cities are known for,” he says.