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Finding home and opportunity

22 June 2018 | Posted in: News

Kim Hall happily spotted at local favourite The Umbrian |                                  Written & Photographed by: Rayannon Innes

If one were asked to write a recipe for the ideal not-for-profit board director, Kim Hall should serve as their point of reference. With her educational background in Communications Honours, close to a decade working within Newcastle’s political and community-based sector, and an additional set of studies within a Bachelor of Laws, Kim is an indispensable force within the Renew Newcastle team.

After a number of years spent travelling the UK for her career in public relations, Kim unexpectedly found herself returning back to Newcastle in 2009. In addition to earning a diverse career as Electorate Officer for the Office of Sharon Grierson MP, Kim was inspired by the positive changes she observed taking place within the city during Renew’s beginnings. It would only be two years ago however, when a board vacancy enabled Kim the opportunity to contribute her impressive skillset towards the Renew Newcastle cause.

Over her two-year period serving on the Renew Board, Kim has continued to witness significant changes within the organisation and subsequently the city of Newcastle as a whole. Kim firmly attributes Newcastle’s recent revitalisation to the creative community which has served in creating not only cultural vibrancy but significant economic value for the city.

In 2016, The Centre of Full Employment and Equity found that for every dollar spent by Renew Newcastle, a benefit of $14.40 is made back into the community. Although Kim see’s a lot of cost benefit ratios in her line of work, a ratio of 14.4:1 is something she described as “the most amazing success story” that she’s ever come across. The report also found that Renew contributed to the growth of employment and job opportunities within the city, something which has further influenced Kim’s desire to continue to keep herself and her family’s roots firmly planted in Newcastle.

As the city continues to evolve, Kim and the rest of the team are enthusiastic for Renew Newcastle’s role in the journey ahead. The temporary activation of the former Newcastle Station is a prime opportunity for the creative community to continue to flourish, again adding meaningful value to the city that continues to become identified for its uniquely artistic and entrepreneurial talent.