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Final gestures on The Stage

22 May 2017 | Posted in: News

Fran O'Neill - The Stage-1775

By Rayanon Innes

Fran O’Neill’s huge gestures bring her memories to life on canvas and will be the final exhibition in Renew Newcastle’s gallery space in The Emporium.

“I’m always grateful for anyone that would want to show my work. It’s extraordinary that anyone would want to do that.”

Fran O’Neill’s words are extremely humble for the Wangaratta-born artist whose abstract oil paintings continue to floor the American market.

Having recently returned from her ten week trip in the states, Fran is back inside her Renew studio, oiled-glove to canvas, with little time on the side to reflect on the string of successful solo exhibitions and university workshops she led while overseas.

Fran’s tour of the states saw her exhibit in Brooklyn, Jacksonville and Atlanta and she has now found time and works to display as the final exhibitor on The Stage in The Emporium.

Her work is created using huge gestures, layering on paint and then using her body or other material to remove it again. She manipulates oil paints and water colours to recreate moments in life that have impacted her.

“Fran will be one of 40 artists to have exhibited in Renew Newcastle’s affordable gallery space in the former David Jones building, many of whom would not have been able to do so elsewhere,” said Renew General Manager Christopher Saunders.

As a multipurpose space in the heart of The Emporium it has not only been a place for hung works, but has hosted workshops, live painting, public critiques and assessments, music and sound related performances and activities.

Fran already has a number of nationwide exhibitions in the works with dates soon to be announced, but for now you can see her work on The Stage in The Emporium until 17 June.