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Filling the gap, one note at a time

22 June 2018 | Posted in: News


Carlin in his Play Anything business studio | Photo: Carlin McLellan

Less than a year after receiving the keys to his studio, Music Therapist Carlin McLellan has witnessed his business take flight. This has been accomplished quite literally. As of Wednesday, Carlin touched down in the West Australian desert to embark in bringing the immersive musical workshops of Play Anything to Australia’s most isolated communities.

Over the next three weeks, the registered music therapist will be touring with Desert Feet, a non-profit organisation that brings music to remote communities throughout Australia’s Western regions. Through a series of interactive workshops, Carlin will be bringing the inclusive and empowering experience of music-making and exploration to communities that often have little or no access to such opportunities.

In an inspiring campaign to fill the physical and mental health gap of rural Western Australians, Desert Feet harnesses the power of collaborative music making, performance, and play to reconnect communities – particularly younger generations – with their cultural identity. For his first series of workshops on the tour, Carlin will work alongside members of the Central Desert Ngaanyatjara community in a council supported program aimed at tackling smoking.

Keep an eye on our social media if you wish to follow some of Carlin’s inspiring journey.

Until more of his tour unfolds, you can listen to some newly released music from Carlin and fellow Renew participant, writer, zine-making and musician Bastian Fox Phelan’s dual project Moonsign here.