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Colouring the levee

7 March 2018 | Posted in: News

Written by: Rayannon Innes | Photography: Edwina Richards

Lorna’s Ballantyne Epps’ vibrant painted resin works will be finding a new home in her newly acquired commercial gallery and workshop space at The Levee in Maitland.

Having relocated from her former gallery in Lake Macquarie due to a high demand for both her art and resin-making workshops, Lorna has grand, colour-intense plans for her new space in the growing arts hub in Maitland.  With the intention to create a space where both artists and the public can observe, create, and share in creative practice, Lorna will be living and working on-site to make her creative dream a reality.

This dream to establish an inclusive, interactive creative space was realised by Lorna following the establishment of her Art Factory space in The Emporium mid last year. In the short six-week period that Lorna occupied The Emporium, she discovered the value a public retail space had for encouraging playful art-making and creative experimentation.

Along with Lorna’s own body of work, the gallery invites emerging and established artists to have permanent or temporary exhibitions in the space. Additionally, two studio spaces have been made available for artists wishing to work on site. Applications for either opportunity are still available through her website.

The Levee Art Gallery and Studios is located at 282 High Street, Maitland and is due to open in May this year.