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Art in focus

1 May 2018 | Posted in: News

Written by: Rayannon Innes | Photography: Peter Masters

Award-winning shots and childhood memories are at the root of photographer Peter Masters’ recent choice to move from Sydney to the coast of Newcastle. Having worked over a decade within corporate marketing, Peter chose to turn his lens away from advertising and towards the salty seascapes that he cherished as a child. What he didn’t expect to come across alongside his coastal migration, was the burgeoning creative culture arising in the local community.

When making the move to focus on his photographic practice, Peter was taken aback by the galleries and maker spaces that he came across upon his travels. He especially recalls the impression The Emporium made upon him, inspired by the maker-retail spaces and the Renew model as a whole.

For Peter, his new home now meant much more than the subject matter he loved to capture. He now also yearned to immerse himself within Newcastle’s creative community. One year on from that initial experience Peter has made a significant and far-reaching impact within the community.

As an artist-in-residence in both Nelson Bay’s Artisan Collective and former Emporium artist Lorna Ballantyne’s Maitland Levee Gallery and Studio, Peter is humbled by the inclusion he has experienced as a newly located artist. And now as the newest photographer to join the creative co-working hub of Hamilton’s Clocktower Studios, Peter greatly looks forward to where his body of work, teaching and exhibitions will take him in the space.