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Another year worth writing home about

17 May 2017 | Posted in: News



As persistent as the cliché may stand, it would be completely naïve to assume that the city of Newcastle isn’t going through a vast amount of change and transition. Newcastle Writer’s Festival founder Rosemarie Milsom understands this well, witnessing how the five year-old event directly coincides with the city’s changing economic and cultural trajectories.

“The well-kept secrets of Newcastle are well and truly out” Rosemarie confidently affirms.

Rosemarie feels that patrons of the three-day event are given the opportunity to experience what the inner city could and should be through the injection of public cultural and intellectual activity. With a growing wealth of hospitality, cafe and dining options within the area – and all in walking distance of the beach – visitors to the festival are being exposed to a location unlike any other. The Festival brings exposure through state and nationwide tourism which is invaluable for Newcastle’s local business environment.

She explains how Newcastle is building its reputation as a community that both values and actively engages with the literary arts. The festival continues to attract larger attendance numbers from locals and guest authors alike; “Newcastle audiences have been really hungry for this kind of event… I think the writer’s pick up on it and that makes it really rewarding for them to participate in”.

Rosemarie anticipates positive things for the future of the arts within Newcastle. Sourcing a significant amount of local talent from the university and being an alumni herself, Rosemarie is dedicated to showcasing the abundance of creative talent our city is increasingly becoming known for.

“I think it’s quite naïve to think that we can hold onto our creatives and that they won’t be tempted by Sydney or Melbourne or Berlin.

An institution like the University of Newcastle deciding to invest in that within the central city area is going to give everything a bit of energy and direction” she said. Hopefully this will encourage our creatives to stay.

Newcastle Writer’s Festival is now taking submissions from established or emerging writers to participate in next year’s program; submissions close midnight 31 July. Newcastle Writer’s Festival 2018 will take place from the 6th to the 8th of April – it’s a date you won’t want to miss.