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A year of creators, incubators and community

1 May 2018 | Posted in: News

Written by: Rayannon Innes | Photography: Zana Kobayashi

Twelve months, twenty-four artists, one shed… and growing.

That is the impressive equation that has resulted from artist Braddon Snape’s idea this time last year to turn a Hamilton North storage shed into the arts hub that is The Creator Incubator. Braddon is quick to turn the credit away from himself though, for like any large-scale success story such as this, it’s been the creative collaboration and community support which has enabled the co-creating space to grow into what it is today.

“It’s overachieved what I first thought it would achieve in the year” said Braddon,

“The community has gotten involved and supported us so strongly”.

This was evident from day one, where close to 500 people visited the space on its launch night. At that time, the ten resident artists occupying the industrial space had established inviting studio spaces that worked in engaging the visiting community.

Multidisciplinary artist and Renew Emporium graduate Graham Wilson was the first of these creative powerhouses to join The Creator Incubator team. Having joined the new space a few months prior to the closure of The Emporium, Graham could already see how the mix of like-minded people forming in the space was going to work effectively in the creative hub.

This is the crucial ingredient that has made The Creator Incubator and other local co-creator spaces that have followed (see: Clocktower Studios, Studio One Maryville, Onwards, Softys, The Fernery – just to name a few) flourish in this city. With the meaningful collaboration of a property owner and the collective dream of a group of passionate individuals, real creativity and community can happen in a space.

It’s this exact ethos that we at Renew Newcastle hope to bring to the fore at The Station. By enabling local talent from a range of differing industries to showcase their crafts alongside one another, collaborative experimentation shall reveal itself. We intend for the The Station to not only highlight community talent but to serve as a directory point towards initiatives such as The Creator Incubator, allowing visitors to further immerse themselves within the local creative culture.

Until then, come along to the The Creator Incubator this Saturday evening to join in the event celebrating their one-year anniversary. A play on the incubator theme, ‘Cracked’ will feature an impressive exhibition that showcases each of the 24 artists’ works in the main gallery, with each tenant inviting the public into their creative spaces to share in creativity,
conversation and festivities.