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A creative career recaptured

2 February 2018 | Posted in: News

Written by: Rayannon Innes | Photography: Mitch Lee

Although much too modest to admit it, Edwina Richards has led an immense and inspiring career, whether it be through her role at Renew or within her own creative endeavours. Impossible to coop into just one creatively-driven box, Ed, following a rapidly growing client-base for her photography work over the past year, has chosen to commit to her photography practice full-time.

This exciting commitment to her growing business signifies the departure from her Project Advocacy role at Renew. Arguably too qualified for her role – having formerly been a key component of one of the first Renew projects for almost five years – her invaluable wisdom and infectious warmth will be missed by many.

Nevertheless, the renewed focus on her craft will enable Ed to continue what she has found to be a core passion of hers: storytelling through means of narrative documentary. Currently engaged in a number of exciting projects with the likes of the University of Newcastle and Out Of The Square Media, Edwina strives to illustrate local stories in honest and beautiful photographic detail.

“I’d love to do this more with teams around Newcastle” Edwina says,

“I want to take it out of the purely art world as well because there’s just so many different stories to tell”.

Ed’s love for storytelling is nothing new, having worked alongside Jono Everett and Carl Morgan in curating the museum quality travelling exhibition, Renew In A Box. Through the careful selection, arrangement and refinement of thousands of photographs – a majority of which she captured herself – Ed achieved in illustrating the nine-year legacy of creative activity that defines the Renew story.

Currently working away in her darkroom and studio space at Hamilton’s Clocktower Studios, we’ll be keeping a close eye on the incredible things to come from Edwina in this exciting, new chapter of her life.