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If you build it they will come: Renew Newcastle

4 November 2009 | Posted in: Media

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*During my first ever trip to Newcastle earlier this year I was amazed, like the majority of first-time visitors, by the number of vacant buildings throughout the main streets of the city. It was a veritable ghost town.

Delving a little deeper I realised this was not strictly the case. Scattered throughout the stretches of unused real estate, hidden within the shells of heritage structures, were exciting little shops, cafes and galleries; earnest realisations of creative endeavours. I was at once thrilled and thoroughly confused. How could these tiny, left-of-centre ventures afford such prime commercial spaces? And if they could afford it, why couldn’t anyone else?

What I had yet to realise was that these weren’t feats of squatting or happy coincidences in a freak local economy. These small businesses were bright tiny flowers in the harsh soils of a garden lovingly planted and tended by Renew Newcastle.* – Useless Lines Blog.