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Heath Killen Interview (Cyclic Defrost magazine)

11 December 2009 | Posted in: Media


An interview with Renew Newcastle participant Heath Killen:

“His space is housed within a former surgery known as The Clinic, and while most of the surgical tools have been removed, he’s kept the odd accoutrement or two like the eye-chart letterbox in his room from which he took inspiration for The Clinic’s logo. His city is, in his eyes, “a place with so much potential but it just hasn’t been moving forward, so I’m very happy to be involved in something that’s trying to change that. I think that it really demonstrates the power of a grass roots movement, and that you don’t need a lot of money or power to make something important happen. Ultimately it is going to require the support of government and business to completely restore the place, but Renew Newcastle has definitely helped speed things up, and it’s drawn attention to just how bad things have gotten.”

Read the full interview at Cyclic Defrost.