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A miracle on Hunter Street

5 December 2009 | Posted in: Media

NEWCASTLE Mall came alive last night for the first of a series of night markets.

As dusk settled over the city hundreds of people roamed through the Red Lantern night markets as the mall was illuminated with Christmas displays and street performers.

It was the first of three Friday night markets planned for December in the newly named Hunter Street Outlets precinct.

Christmas art installations unveiled last night include two oversized motion-activated Christmas gifts that light up and play Christmas carols when approached.

“Both Livesites and the Newcastle City Centre Committee have greatly contributed to the Gifts to the City and generally in bringing Christmas back to the city,” Hunter Street Outlets spokesperson Dwight Hodgetts said.

Renew Newcastle venues were trading late and teeming with people, including the Market Square site for the graduating graphic design students’ Momentum Project.

The event was deemed a success by shoppers, stallholders and shopkeepers, with all agreeing the mall had finally found its missing ingredient, people.

Originally published in The Newcastle Herald.