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NBN News Visits The Emporium

27 November 2012 | Posted in: Media

The Emporium on NBN News

27 November 2012 | Posted in: Media, News

NBN TV were on location when the doors to The Emporium were unlocked last Thursday. There’s some very encouraging feedback from former DJ shoppers and from project participants Tickle & Hide too.

Don’t forget to join us for the official opening celebration of The Emporium this Thursday 29 November 2012, 4.00pm-6.30pm. We’d love to see you there.

Renew Newcastle on SBS World News Australia

27 November 2012 | Posted in: Media, News

SBS World News recently featured Studio Melt, Make Space and Jzhonnie Bechet at The Emporium in a story about how the Renew Newcastle model is being adopted in Australia with the likes of Pop-Up Parramatta and also overseas.

‘Four years ago, boarded up shops and empty streets marked the centre of Newcastle in NSW. But an urban regeneration project has proved so successful it is being picked up around Australia, and worldwide.’

ABC Radio visits The Emporium

17 November 2012 | Posted in: Media, News

There are just 4 working days left before we open the doors of the iconic ex-David Jones building with our latest project The Emporium. Doors open at 10am on Thursday 22 November 2012.


Tickle & Hide work on their new shop interior. Image by Jodi Godfrey.

ABC radio’s David Mark visited earlier in the week and posted this report on the PM program on Friday 16 November.

“An innovative project which aims to rejuvenate the industrial city of Newcastle is embarking on its biggest challenge.

Over the past four years Renew Newcastle has successfully installed around 90 artists in disused store fronts and offices in the New South Wales coastal town.

Now they’re taking over the former David Jones store in the centre of town and preparing for an opening next [Thursday].”

Read the full transcript or have a listen here!

You can hear our hammers in the background in interviews with new project participants Jzhonnie Holloway from Jzhonnie Bechet, Jodi Godfrey from Tickle & Hide, and our Creative Director Marcus Westbury.

Creative Talks with Harvest Textiles Video

5 November 2012 | Posted in: Media, News

Harvest Textile’s Creative Talks from October is now available to view online:

2012/10 Creative Talks // Harvest Textiles from Renew Newcastle on Vimeo.

November’s talk with Kate Banazi will be posted online in coming weeks.

Renew Newcastle presents Creative Talks, a series of breakfast lectures by people who have made a living from their creativity. Taking place a Friday morning each month between September and November 2012) we invite well-regarded creatives to speak for 20 minutes about the lessons they have learned growing their art into a commercial success. This is followed by an audience Q&A and the opportunity to mingle with local creatives from a wide range of backgrounds. Attendance is free and breakfast is provided.

Many thanks to The Lock-Up Cultural Centre for hosting Creative Talks within the John Paynter Gallery. And thank you to Luke Tuckerman, Grace Murray and Aaron Haberfield at Enigma for filming & editing this video and The Newcastle Herald for providing a delicious breakfast.