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Since it was established in late 2008 Renew Newcastle has been the inspiration for empty space revitalisation schemes across the country, like Renew Adelaide, Renew Townsville, Made in Geelong and Pop-up Parramatta.

We receive regular enquiries about how people can set up similar initiatives in their own city or town and we are always keen to give advice and share our experience where we can. In particular, people are keen to look at the License Agreement and other documents we have produced.

We have made our License Agreements available to Arts Law Centre of Australia who have adapted them into templates for others to use. This suite of documents prepared by Arts Law at the request of Arts NSW contains useful information sheets and sample agreements for setting up creative enterprise hubs in NSW by using empty space.

There are also other resources available online via the Empty Spaces website, which is an initiative of Arts NSW promoting ‘pop-up’, short-term reuses of empty shops and other spaces for creative and community uses.

The Empty Spaces Toolkit section gives much background on the project overall and advice on setting up similar schemes, including interviews with property owners, projects, and organisers.

The License Agreements specifically are given as Sample Documents, located under Legal Resources section.

If you do undertake a Renew style project in your area, please keep in touch to let us know how you get on. We are keen to track how other initiatives develop.


Renew Australia is based on the intellectual property, experience, and case study pioneered by Renew Newcastle. It provides training, consultancy and support services to business, government and community groups engaged in the creative activation of space.