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Window shopping in Perkins Street

8 August 2016 | Posted in: News

1608 Hannah Louise Window - The Emporium - Edwina Richards Photography-

1608LLoyd Kellett Window - The Emporium - Edwina Richards Photography-

1608 Hannah Louise Window - The Emporium - Edwina Richards Photography--2

The David Jones windows have always been a feature of the mall. The stores in the Emporium continue to bring beauty to the windows and the mall. The Perkins Street windows have sprung to life again with clothing from Hannah Louise and upcycled furniture creations from Lloyd Kellett.

Hannah Louise has opened her new shop having relocated from a smaller space in The Emporium. This showroom space and window gives Hannah’s opulent works the exposure they deserve.

Lloyd Kellett, who previously occupied Hannah’s space, has created a stunning showcase for his extraordinary up cycled vintage industrial style furniture creations in the three adjoining windows.

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When creative minds combine

5 August 2016 | Posted in: News

Ben Rizzo

Each month at the Hunt & Gather markets Renew projects will be making an appearance on the ‘green’ in a way that will engage and entertain market goers. A keen group of illustrators has brainstormed some awesome ideas that involve audience participation and show just how far a creative idea can stretch.

On August 20, Ben Mitchell will welcome strangers to take a comfy seat while he makes a quick sketch of them over a conversation. After packing up his paper and pencils from the market, his drawings will emerge as an illustrated graphic novella printed risograph style in his studio featuring the people and the stories from the market. You’ll want a copy, particularly if you’re in it. They will be available for purchase at subsequent markets and through Ben’s business, Benny Rizzo.

Each market will bring a new idea to the green and generate some great conversations about the creative talents of the Renew network and potentially some new business opportunities for our participants.

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Illustrators drawn to west end Hub

5 August 2016 | Posted in: News


We now have three projects based at 451 Hunter Street in Newcastle West. Many Newcastle residents know the building for its late night hamburger shop, Hamburger Haven. At Renew, we like to think of it as our new Illustrators Hub.

Our space upstairs in the building, houses Benny Rizzo, Lachlan Conn and Octopus Ink producing commercial illustration, risograph printing, dimensional sculptures, digital pamphlet and poster design, children’s book and botanical illustrations.

If you need to employ or commission an illustrator, these guys, or one of our many other talented Illustrators, should be your first call.

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An obscure use for vacant space

5 August 2016 | Posted in: News

vblue jeep cyanotype_small image


Waratah artist Chris Byrnes turned a shop at 19 Wolfe Street into a camera and recorded images from the external world as they appeared inside and upside down around the walls floor and ceiling.

Chris is obsessed with all things photography, in particular the camera obscura, black and white wet photography, experimental and alternative photography.

Renew Newcastle found the space and Chris ‘fitted in’ a short-term tenancy between longer term tenants to set up her camera obscura.

This is the first of many such room cameras Chris will be constructing over the next twelve months to record Newcastle’s changing face at the grass roots level of our buildings, businesses and the community.

A camera obscura is an ancient optical device. To create it, the windows of the shop were blacked out, but tiny pin hole or slit apertures allowed the light in. On the opposite wall, an image forms of whatever is outside and was captured on photographic paper. It is a very short term installation, quickly moving on to capture another scene elsewhere.

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Bold and bright on The Stage

5 August 2016 | Posted in: News


The works of Lorna Ballantyne-Epps are on The Stage in The Emporium until September 30. Lorna is exhibiting her latest series of abstract works full of vibrant and bold colours in acrylics, inks and resin. Known for her large mixed media statement pieces her latest series of resin art are in high demand due to their depth of colour and unique style.

As well as producing works for sale Lorna will also be conducting a series of art workshops at The Stage including her successful resin art workshops which always sell out. This popular and trending medium is fantastic for creating a bold statement in either a home or business and has an extremely quick drying time enabling you to hang your finished artwork the very next day.

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